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Behind Chubinsky Method and Device

"I know the difference between a good massage therapist and a great one and I have experienced only one great one in my life - Vladimir Chubinsky... Now with the new tool he's developed, other massage therapists can enchance their strength and capacity to give deep, healing massages. I highly recommend Vladimir and the Chubinsky Method and Device."

Jane Fonda

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"I have used the "Chubinsky" on other therapists, physicians and spa clients with overwhelming response. My most seasoned massage staff are now using the "Chubinsky Method and Device" with incredible results for their clients and for their own health!"

Patricia Beggs
Owner, Natural Body Day Spa

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"I had massage therapy for years without lasting physical improvement. Now, thanks to Vladimir's massage using his specially designed device, I no longer experience pain and stiffness after long hours of surgery and seeing patients."

Lawrence B. Schlachter, M.D., F.A.C.S

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"My name is Bob Storey and I have owned one of your Chubinsky devices for 4 years now and get rave reviews and praise for my massages. I now teach at a massage school and have introduced my students to the wonders of the device. They all would like to purchase one..."

Bob Storey
Massage Therapist

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"I love my Chubinsky tool! I've been using it for about two months now and have come to depend on it more than I had realized. Last Monday I forgot to bring it to the club and Tuesday morning I woke up with achy hands.; a problem I since I began using the device."

Peachtree City Therapeutic Massage, Inc.

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It is with a great deal of enthusiasm that the Atlanta School of Massage recommends the Chubinsky Method and Massage Device. Vladimir Chubinsky is one of our approved Continuing Education providers whose method has been widely embraced by our continuing education students and staff. The faculty members currently using this device are very pleased with the results both for their clients and themselves. Use of the Chubinsky Device makes any type of massage not only far more effective, but easier on the therapist.

Laurie Craig
Management Board | Atlanta School of Massage

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"Since Vladimir started using his new deep-tissue massage device on me, my [golf] game is better, and I can see a dramatic improvement in my body's ability to bounce back."

Billy Andrade
PGA Touring Professional

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"I canít believe how well I have managed with these awesome tools -the thought of being without them seems crazy! They have truly been a blessing for me and my clients..."

Massage Therapist

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"My name is Simon Dixon. I am a recently qualified massage therapist working in Holland. I have just read an article about your massage device and was wondering if it is possible to aquire it now or in the future..."

Simon Dixon
Massage Therapist

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Iím a Massage Therapist working in Australia. I came across your website after reading an online article about the Chubinsky method and device. Iím extremely interested in purchasing the device and was wondering when it would be available for sale, and what would be the best way to place an order?

Thanks very much for your help,

Kind Regards,

Alana Clayton.

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