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Behind Chubinsky Method and Device
Better Results

The benefits of massage have become widely known, and clients expect measurable therapeutic value. Utilization of the Chubinsky Method and Device enhances your ability to provide your clients the important benefits of:

  • Improved subcutaneous circulation
  • True deep heating (not just surface friction)
  • Decreased fibrous accumulation and inflammation
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Healing negative ions produced by the Chubinsky Device

    Protects the Therapist

    As a therapist, you literaly hold your own future in your hands. With the Chubinsky Method and Device, your hands can consistently deliver a deeper massage, using only a fraction of your usual manual pressure. To achive maximum benefit, use of the Chubinsky Device is recomended for up to 90% of each massage session. The resulting reduction of stress and strain on your hands and wrists lowers your risk of occupational injury, and dramatically increases the number of hours you can work... hours that add up to days, years, and a longer, more successful career.


  • Feels natural, like therapistís hands
  • Generates deep heat and healing negative ions
  • Saves and heals your hands
  • Works invisibly - clients will not know youíre using it
  • Hand-crafted from medical-grade ebonite
  • Highly endorsed by professional athletes, doctors and therapists

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