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Behind Chubinsky Method and Device
Massage therapists from all over the world have asked for this healing technology. Now, the Chubinsky Method and Device is here!

  • Feels natural, like therapistís hands
  • Generates deep heat and healing negative ions
  • Saves and heals your hands
  • Works invisibly - clients will not know youíre using it
  • Hand-crafted from medical-grade ebonite
  • Highly endorsed by professional athletes, doctors and therapists
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Method and Device in Action

"Vladimir and his method have been an important part of my pitching shoulder recovery..."

Tom Glavine
Professional Baseball Pitcher

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"I know the difference between a good massage therapist and a great one and I have experienced only one great one in my life - Vladimir Chubinsky... Now with the new tool he's developed, other massage therapists can enchance their strength and capacity to give deep, healing massages. I highly recommend Vladimir and the Chubinsky Method and Device."

Jane Fonda

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